Battlesnake 2019

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What is Battlesnake?

What started as a small group of colleagues honing their skills has become BC’s largest programming competition. Last year over 600 people competed and watched in the Battlesnake arena. Battlesnake is for developers of all skill levels - from students to professionals.

The Battlesnake tournament is a multiplayer version of the classic arcade game, Snake. Teams have the day to program their AI Snake and in the evening, each competes against multiple teams per round, until just one snake is left slithering.

Battlesnake was created to bring developers together in a friendly, co-operative environment. Our goal is to showcase the technical talent and diversity in the Pacific Northwest while encouraging the next generation of developers and founders to continue growing our amazing community.

So you want to compete in Battlesnake?

You can build a snake right now and see how well it does on  All you need is:

  1. A Github account - We use Github to authorize users on the play server.
  2. A working snake server - There are a several starter snake servers out there that you can fork on Github and build your own.  Each snake comes with instructions to deploy onto Heroku for free.

Help us build Battlesnake!

All of the infrastructure and code to host and run Battlesnake is open-source.  We invite you to be part of the movement to create this amazing event.

Github at
Join the conversation on the Battlesnake slack