Battlesnake 2018: Snakes in a Conference Centre

Battlesnake has become an annual highlight for the Sendwithus team and 2018 was no exception! We love connecting with sponsors and competitors from across the Pacific Northwest and seeing the creative ways that teams earn their way into the winner’s circle. Thank you to the 600 attendees who joined us this year, and if you weren’t able to make it, we hope you’ll join in next year!

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For those new to programming or who want to improve their skills. You’ll be provided with some sample code to get you started.



1st place: FeistySnake

Tristan Giles
Kelly Knights
Duncan MacDonald
Laura Kissack
Liam Scott-Montcrief


2nd place: Snek Attack

Wes Lord


3rd place: HungryBoyo

Sajan Dinsa



You know how to slither and are ready to compete.





1st place: asdf123

Alex Rehnby-Martin
Duc Nguyen
Aleksiy Kudelsky


2nd place: Team Name

Mitchell Nursey


3rd place: Palpatine

Arthur Firmino



For professionals and experienced developers. You’ll also be competing against the best of the best, so come prepared for fierce competition.



1st place: Graeme and Chris

Graeme Hill
Chris Sand


2nd place: SoloSnake

Cory Binnersley


3rd place: Team Bitcoin

Nicholas Kobald
Juan Gallegos
Brian Chen